Fitness Experts


Our services include comprehensive design solutions, consultancy in the field of analysis, and planning and construction of facilities such as fitness clubs. Recent experiences with seven different brands in the industry, diversified in terms of quality, size, and scale of difficulty, allowed us to get to know the industry well and optimisesolutions at the same time.
In addition to creating new clubs from scratch, we have changed and adapted existing clubs. We improved their standard and adjusted them to meet current trends, expectations and requirements. Additionally, we were concerned with the creation of completely new, independent facilities / buildings dedicated only to the needs of sports / fitness.


The fitness market in Poland has about 3,000 clubs, among which there are only a few brands that play an important role in the industry. Being invited to work with the largest operator in the country was a great opportunity to create a new level of quality in the market, providing great satisfaction and confirming our significant advantage in the industry.
The very rapid development of the fitness market and the constant progress of sports services requires a good strategy and the ability to achieve goals based on reliable knowledge and a team of proven people. We are very pleased that we have had a significant contribution in this field, and the honor to cooperate with many professionals and enthusiasts of the fitness, development and construction industries.





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All our proposed solutions are based on the best proven experiences, so that each solution we implement is the strongest alternative. Nevertheless, our work is accompanied by a sense of effective action and achievement of goals, analogous to the world of sport. Each activity is guided by many principles, such as:
● optimization of the adopted assumptions,
● functional layout optimization,
● elimination of bad and harmful solutions,
● selection of appropriate material and technical solutions,
● compliance with site requirements, standards and regulations,


Currently, the possibilities of providing sports services are virtually unlimited. With the support of appropriate strategies, we can implement our services in a very diverse context, i.e.:

  • new – independent buildings,
  • new clubs in a new complexes i.e.:
    • Offices
    • Shopping centers
    • Hotel and conference
    • Residential buildings,
  • Primary and secondary market,
  • Private residences and houses,
  • Mobile and temporary solutions,


We value good relations with our clients and the trust they place in us. That is why we proudly and competently represent them during our activities, throughout the design and implementation process. This is a great opportunity to realise many new forms of cooperation and improve them so that you can achieve your goals faster and more effectively.


We fulfill our obligations primarily as a general contractor, providing all possible solutions and comprehensively coordinating various processes on many levels, from the analysis of the right location to the successful opening of the facility.


One of the most important factors, which is especially paid attention to, is acoustic insulation and vibro-insulation. In our work, we regularly perform appropriate examinations and tests, thanks to which we can meet numerous requirements, using right technical and material solutions. The proper scaling of these parameters to the possibilities and needs of the client allows for the location of objects in many locations, giving even more opportunities to operators.


Fitness clubs are now an indispensable common areain newly built residential, office, commercial and hotel facilities. Having a fitness club in the immediate vicinity of the facility provides a significant positive benefit for the users of the facility, with a large impact on its functioning in a wider context.

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