Warsaw Green Trails

About This Project

As a result of many months of cooperation of our team has become a project presenting the ideas of Warsaw’s green routes, which was presented at the Plans for the Future exhibition in July 2020.

“WARSAW GREEN TRAILS” is an idea that arose from our holistic thinking about urban space. Seeing Warsaw’s green spaces as a valuable and unique asset has become the keynote that will hopefully inspire the involved stakeholders to take several measures: from minor functional improvements such as creating convenient and safe pedestrians and bicycle crossings, to new and better street furniture such as benches, street lighting, bridges, pergolas, to the introduction of new bushes and trees, and finally to the coherent spatial planning of the entire Warsaw metropolis.
The idea consists in interconnecting green areas such as green courtyards, tree—lined and yet to be tree—lined streets, parklets, parks, urban gardens, allotments, municipal forests and reserves, to create a coherent network of pedestrian and bicycle trails, complete with recreational infrastructure, marked by a system of specially designed visuals and signs. The course of that network would be published online (including a mobile app) as well as in tourist guides.

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